At Cade Global we pride ourselves on our Integrity, Reliability and Stability. Our business relationships in international trade have been developed and enhanced for over 50 years. We know our suppliers and work only with those who have proven quality and dependability of their products and service.

Business Principles

Steady. Consistent. Reliable.



Navigating the rough waters of the import export business is our specialty at Cade Global. We plot the steadiest course to bring your products to the rest of the world and bring the rest of the world to your business.



Month after month, year after year Cade Global has delivered products of American businesses abroad. Despite rapid political and economic changes, Cade Global consistently delivers right on time.



American busineses are known around the world for their determination, work ethic and focused dilegence in the face of any challenge. Cade Global takes immense pride in continuing this tradition of hard work and reliability.

Our services

We bring your produts to the world.


Cade Global has the expertise to identify American branded goods and/or commodities that carry appeal in foreign markets and we have the contacts to bring foreign brands to the large North American markets. We have experience in brand development and positioning, enabling our product lines to command the same level of respect abroad as they do at home.


Cade Global consults for a number of companies looking to explore international emerging and established markets, and or looking to develop their brands in North America and beyond.

Sourcing Worldwide

Whether it is precursor chemicals, natural resources or finished products, we bring high quality specialized goods to the consumer at the most competitive price. Cade Global can acquire what you need and navigate importing regulations with ease and confidence.

Logistics and Worldwide Distribution

We can help navigate difficult trade barriers, deal with tariff formalities, work with customs and foreign government trading regulations. We have contacts and associates who can quality check production and shipment to avoid fraudulent errors and quality control mistakes that often occur at international ship points.

Our Products

We have sourcing relationships and buyers in many countries and deal with multiple product lines and industries. Cade Global works exclusively with the world’s best suppliers. We thoroughly evaluate our suppliers based on quality and reliability. We have contacts throughout the world. We work with our clients to meet their exact specifications and are unsurpassed at obtaining products quickly.

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Fumigation Tarps & Clamps

We have developed relationships with tarp manufacturers abroad that can help us deliver tarps to the fumigation industry economically and with the highest quality and consistency.



  • American and Mexican Craft Beer
  • California Wines
  • Specialty Beverages

Cosmetics, Health and Beauty Products

  • Brand Names Cosmetics
  • Spa, Facial and Bath Products
  • Rejuvenation and Skin Therapy


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About us

Three Generations of Developing Worldwide Trading Relationships

Experienced. Knowledgable. Dedicated.

Cade Global is the result of years of involvement in international importing and exporting. Our relationships with suppliers and buyers all over the world coupled with our sales team’s proven ability to forge new and valuable relationships in new industries has resulted in a company that is unsurpassed in quality and reliability.

The origins of Cade Global date back more than 50 years to the early trading activities of one of our founding fathers, Wink Cade. Wink canvassed the canneries, ethnic Mercado’s, and docks of the Los Angeles harbor, searching for trading opportunities. Beginning with seafood and canned goods, the opportunities expanded to industrial ingredients from overseas sources. The key to the success of his trading business came from the ability to find what his customers needed.

Following in Wink’s footsteps, second generation leader, Steve Cade, traveled the world to find the best resources for a wide variety of food and industrial product needs. For decades the company continued to distribute a vast assortment of canned, frozen, fresh and dehydrated fruits, meats, seafood’s, vegetables, spices and many non-food industrial commodities.

From 1981 through the early 90’s, the company expanded operations by adding offices in Chile and in Asia. The Cade-Grayson Company prospered and grew into one of the largest U.S. importer and distributor of dehydrated vegetable ingredients.

In 1989, Steve Cade established Seawind Trading International (now Seawind Foods) as a separate company to return to the roots of the original business. The goal was to focus on the “trading” aspects of the original company. Seawind grew from the core products of spices, dried tropical fruits, specialty food items and many other commodities. From that foundation, the business expanded to become a major industrial commodities supplier with expertise in production management.

Steady. Consistent. Reliable.

In 1996, Steve Cade formed the current company which was initially Seawind Energy. It has since morphed into Cade Global. In 2013 third generation Christopher Cade joined the firm as a principal partner.

Cade Global has access to resources in many industries and businesses with focus on Wine and Beer Exports, Specialty Branded Food Products, Industrial and Biofuel Materials, Cosmetics, Electronics, Recycled Materials, Automotive Parts and Industrial Rubber and Plastics. If you don’t see what you are looking for on our website, please contact us! We can find it!

The Cade Global Team

Dedicated to Your Business.

Steve Cade
Kenton Meyer

Cade Global News

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